njoy Eleven

The Lorax of Sex rates the Eleven as one of their favourite dildos: 

"Eleven can take me from completely unaroused and not sex-minded to laying in a puddle of my own fluids in less than five minutes."

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njoy eleven 11 stainless steel double-ended dildo for g-spot or prostate
njoy eleven 11 stainless steel double-ended dildo with leather pouch
njoy eleven 11 stainless steel dildo in leather and satin pouch

The Perfect Eleven

Expanding (quite literally!) on the njoy line, we modestly present the njoy Eleven. Combining revolutionary manufacturing technology with njoy’s trademark style, we’ve pushed the boundaries of erotic stainless steel. We hope the Eleven will push your boundaries as well…. njoy!

Length: 11"
Width of Heads: 2" and 1.75"

Arrives in a satin-lined leather clutch purse with handle for safe-keeping and would be the perfect gift for - or to make - a special occasion.

  • Cast in 316 (medical grade) glistening stainless steel and hand-polished to a mirror shine - njoy toys are pure, smooth, completely body-safe, phthalate free, 100% non-porous and hypoallergenic.
  • Cold to the touch at first, the stainless steel warms rapidly to body temperature. For extra fun, warm or cool in a bowl of water.
  • Enjoy with your favourite personal lubricant to enhance  pleasure, but you won’t need much.
  • Clean by any means, but avoid abrasives or you'll lose that lustrous shine!
  • Designed to delight both men and women – njoy toys are lovely to share as a couple and great fun alone.
  • njoy creates objects of absolute perfection that will bring you pleasure for a lifetime.
NZ$470.00 NZ$450.00
Out of Stock

Check out this review at A Roll in the Hay:

"It’s a unique sensation from a toy that’s made with high quality materials and comes in classy packaging.  The size and heft of it provide pretty great stimulation both at the vaginal entrance and along the vaginal walls."

Not sure whether this is the G-spot toy for you? Check out the Girly Juice review:

"I’ve learned that my G-spot prefers sweet, tender rubbing over aggressive pounding... so something that slides back and forth over my G-spot, rather than slamming into it or grinding against it, works better for my purposes.

And to that end, the bigger head of the Eleven feels divine for me."